Welcoming Warba New Nugget Potato Season with BCfresh

As the sun warms up the fields of British Columbia and the scent of fresh blooms fills the air, BCfresh is thrilled to share the news of the arrival of Warba New Nugget potato season. These potatoes, known for their delicate texture and delicious taste, mark the beginning of the fresh potato season in Canada and the unofficial start to summer in BC.

At BCfresh, we take pride in being the largest grower of Warba New Nugget potatoes in the world. Our commitment to sustainable farming means you can trust that each potato is fresh and flavourful, straight from the fields of British Columbia.

Warba New Nugget potatoes are harvested early, capturing their youthful flavour and tenderness. They’re small and have thin skins, perfect for steaming, sauteing, grilling, or incorporating into vibrant summer salads.

Taking care of Warba New Nugget potatoes is important because their thin skin means they can quickly turn brown if not handled properly. That’s why we’ve introduced a special bag that helps extend their shelf life. This bag allows just the right amount of oxygen and other gases, as well as moisture, to keep the potatoes fresh for longer. To preserve their freshness and prevent discoloration, it’s recommended to store them like a vegetable and keep them in the veggie crisper of your fridge.

Join us in celebrating the start of Warba New Nugget potato season. Look for BCfresh Warba potatoes at your local grocery stores and produce sections across BC and Western Canada.

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