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Warba New Potatoes are coming soon!


Warba New Potatoes are coming soon so our thoughts turned to recipes and other Warba-licious ideas!

Russ Parsons of the Los Angeles Times puts it well:


[Every] small potato is not a “new potato,” and every new potato is not small. The real new potato — one that has just been dug and not dried — is a very special springtime treat.

To understand new potatoes, you need to know something about regular potatoes, which are grown and harvested with an eye toward long-term storage.

About 99% of all the potatoes you’ll ever eat have been grown to maturity, dug from the ground and then “cured” — stored for a period of 10 days to two weeks in a climate-controlled environment. This toughens up the peel and reduces the amount of moisture in the potato to help it last longer without spoiling.

Truly new potatoes are sold right after they’ve been dug, without any curing. They’re higher in moisture so they have a little creamier texture, and their flavor has, to my taste, a slight bitterness that complements their earthiness.

Though “new potato” is usually used to describe small potatoes, truly new potatoes can be any size, ranging from marbles to bakers.

Because these true new potatoes are such a special ingredient, treat them simply, at least the first time you serve them. One of my favorite things is just to steam them until tender, then toss them into softened butter you’ve whipped with fresh herbs and shallots. Stir just until the potatoes are evenly coated, sprinkle with coarse salt and serve.


At BCfresh we grow Warba Potatoes as our choice for New Potatoes.  While any potato technically can be a ‘new’ potato, Warba is our favourite because it is both beautiful AND tasty.  Why not try some for yourself this year.  They will be available at most major retailers in Western Canada in late May through July.

some thoughts

  • Hello there , I would so very much like to grow potatoes in my garden this year.So far my favorite potatoe is , the Klondike Rose , because of it's thin redish skin and yellow flesh ,it has a natural buttery flavour .I was at the Sunnyside Nursery in Tsawwassen yesterday , and amongst their choices of seed potatoes, they have this one you call , WARBA .I was actually searching for the German Butter Ball Potatoe , hoping that it would be similar to the Klondike Rose , because I love this so much.But now that you have given me some info on this , lovely sounding WARBA nugget potaoe , I am very interested in purchasing this one now instead.It is only $6.99 for a small bag , Sunnyside Nurseries has very competitive prices for their excellent quality of their garden plants and vegetables.So now I will get back there to purchase a bag of the WARBAR NUGETS THEY SOUND GREAT ! Thanx so much , Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn,Thanks for the note and please excuse our very long time in replying.Hopefully your plantings of Warba have grown up nicely and you are getting close to harvesting. Please let us know how they turn out.We love Klondike Rose too... it is a favourite across all of our staff.Have a great day, Brian from BCfresh

  • Hi, My husband brought home a bag of Warbas from Save On Foods. They have a distinct green tinge. Is this just the potato or should these be discarded?

    1. Hi Lori and thanks for your question.I suggest discarding those potatoes or return them to the store for a refund.Green potatoes are caused by too much time under the bright lights of the Produce section. While the good lighting is great for selecting produce, it's not very good at preventing potatoes from turning green. That is a natural thing that happens to potatoes when exposed to sunlight or other Bright lights.The greening can taste very bitter and in very large doses (many, many pounds of potatoes consumed in one sitting) can be mildly toxic. If you want more information please contact me at brian@bcfresh.caThanks for supporting locally grown Produce and sorry you had a bad bag of our spuds.

  • lionel

    Are Warba potatoes a good potato to store or only for fresh eating?

    1. Hi Lionel,Warba potatoes are an early potato that is harvested before the skin is set. While this yields a delicious and tender potato, it means that they will not store for any length of time.We recommend keeping them in the fridge until you are ready to prepare. Another option is to cook more than you need and refrigerate the extras for your next meal. They make great home fries as well as potato salad when cooled.Thank you!

  • Judy

    How long have the potatoes been packed before I purchase them in the store?

    1. Hi Judy,We harvest Warba potatoes fresh every day and ship them to market that same afternoon. It's hard to answer your question without knowing what grocery chain and how long they held onto them.Do you have more questions or want more detail? Email us directly at info [at] bcfresh [dot] ca and tell us this is follow up from a website conversation.Have a great day

  • hi again I shop at save on foods in Edmonton,and enjoy your warba potatoes,but they did not have then refrigerated,when I brought it to there attention,they informed me they did not have to/ please advise them as your help and advice is so good/ thank you/ wendy

    1. Hi Wendy,Thanks for the question. We recommend all retailers keep the potatoes refrigerated but we can't mandate it happens. We recommend people refrigerate at home as most people keep their houses much warmer than a retail store causing the potatoes to age much more quickly.Most stores order small quantities on a daily basis to refill the shelf - those potatoes are kept in the cold chain from harvest to the store so the few hours on the shelf aren't great but not horrible.Thank you for supporting Canadian family farms!

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