Simple Change, Big Difference – Sustainable packaging for Fresher Produce

At BCfresh, our mission is clear: to select packaging that not only maintains the utmost freshness of our produce but also contributes to the long-term well-being of farmers, consumers, and the environment.

Recognizing the diversity in packaging solutions, we’ve learned that subtle modifications can yield significant improvements. Take our potato packaging, for instance. By incorporating cutting-edge light-blocking films, we’ve effectively minimized product “greening” on store shelves, extending the shelf life and reducing food waste. This translates to more fresh vegetables making their way onto every plate, benefiting both consumers and the environment.

However, Warba new nugget potatoes posed a unique challenge to keep them fresh. Harvested before the skin has fully set, these potatoes are prone to oxidation in the same way a peeled potato quickly turns brown. While their thin skin helps make Warba potatoes unique, special packaging was needed to help safeguard their freshness.  After a few years of development and testing, we’ve transitioned fully to specialized controlled-atmosphere bags to naturally protect our early Warba potatoes. This simple change has led to a remarkable reduction of 20-50% in food waste due to premature browning of Warba potatoes on retail produce displays. The improved design also uses 20% less plastic compared to the prior film construction.

Extending beyond potatoes, our commitment to innovative packaging extends to a variety of produce. You will also find our Brussels Sprouts, Kalettes, and Green Beans in our controlled atmosphere bags to help maintain optimal conditions, preventing both discoloration and dehydration. Utilizing laser precision perforations, these bags allow just the right balance of oxygen, gases, and moisture, ensuring prolonged freshness.

In our commitment to offer consumers a package-free option, over half of all BCfresh retail produce is shipped in bulk. Notably, four out of ten BCfresh potatoes are sold without packaging, a choice that aligns with our sustainability goals and environmental values.

Keep an eye out for BCfresh Warba potatoes and other BCfresh produce, all packaged with care at your local grocery stores and produce sections across BC and Western Canada.