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Meet the Growers

The saying goes

“If you plan to eat today, thank a farmer.”

At BCfresh we celebrate our growers daily.

Our family farmers leave the house before the sun rises and come in after dark. They work a labour-intensive job that is not 9-to-5, take risks, make tactical decisions, and hope that Mother Nature cooperates so each harvest can be brought to fruition. The next time you buy a bag of potatoes, a bunch of beets, or a Kabocha squash, consider the farmer. Don’t take one bite for granted.

Sihota Farms owners

Canadian Farms

Sihota Family (Cloverdale, BC)

Canadian Farms in Surrey, BC has been in the farming industry for generations. Joginder Sihota started the first family farm and since 1978 the Sihota family has never looked back. Today the Sihota’s grow carrots, parsnips, cabbage and potatoes and is another great family that makes up the BCfresh farm families.

Emma Lea Farms

Husband Family (Westham Island, Delta, BC)

Emma Lea Farms has been in the family since 1885, starting with Joseph and Emma Tamboline. In 1975, the fourth generation started managing the family farm and added new crops such as rutabaga, and cabbage. Today, Kevin and Joanne, as well as the fifth and six generations, are proud members of the BCfresh farm family.

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Emma Lea Farms owners
Guichon family on Felix Farms field

Felix Farms

Guichon Family (Ladner, BC)

Founded in 1879 by Laurent Guichon, Felix Farms has been growing and harvesting premium potatoes, rutabagas and other great tasting produce in Delta, BC ever since. Today, as a proud member of the BCfresh farm family, Felix Farms has been passed on through several generations of the Guichon family and is operated by the five children of Jack Guichon.

Heppell’s Potato Corp.

Heppell Family (Cloverdale, BC)

The Heppell family has been farming in the Cloverdale, BC area since 1920.  This BCfresh farm family has been growing potatoes, squash and pumpkins for over 4 generations.

Heppell's potato farm owners
Swanson family

Swenson Farms

(Westham Island, Delta, BC)

Since 1935, four generations of the Swenson family have been farming the fertile lands around Delta BC. With his 2 kids, Rod proudly grows many delicious varieties of potatoes and is a proud part of the BCfresh farm family.

Spranger Farms Ltd.

Spranger Family (Surrey, BC)

While Sprangers Farms Ltd. was officially started in 1963 by Jim Spranger’s father, the family has been farming in the Cloverdale BC area since arriving from Holland in 1951.  Today Jim and his family grow red and golden beets as well as potatoes as part of the BCfresh family of farms.

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Sprangers family
Brussel Sprouts growing on Shadow Produce Farm by The Guliker family

Shadow Produce

The Guliker Family (Chilliwack, BC)

Shadow Produce, owned by the Guliker family, is one of the largest growers of Brussels sprouts in Canada. The farm also cultivates delicious Kalettes (a hybrid plant of kale and Brussels sprouts), corn, cauliflower, zucchini, blueberries and cranberries.  Farming at Shadow Produce is a true family affair with three generations contributing daily to growing nutritious produce.

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