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The average ingredient in a North American meal travels 2,500 kilometers from farm to plate. In contrast, local produce travels shorter distances, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and supporting sustainable farming practices. Buying local supports local farmers and businesses, boosting the economy and creating jobs. Local produce is also fresher, harvested at its peak for superior flavour and nutrition. Choosing local means enjoying fresh, delicious food while supporting your community and the environment. At BCfresh, we take pride in our commitment to freshness, ensuring our produce reaches local supermarkets and restaurants nearly every day of the year.

Local means fresh

From our hands to your plate, local produce at its best

July is an exciting month for BCfresh growers and food enthusiasts alike. As the peak of summer arrives, weekends are alive with BBQ cookouts, campfire roasts, and cherished family gatherings. Amidst this vibrant season, our growers are embarking on their bustling harvest. Fields are flourishing with maturing crops, and our farmers are tirelessly harvesting while our pack sheds overflow with the delightful aroma of freshly picked carrots. As the days grow warmer, remember to pack fresh fruits and vegetables to keep energized, hydrated and enjoy this wonderful time of year. 

white potatoes

What’s new in season

While you’re at the grocery store, make sure to pick up some of these vegetables now in-season and locally grown.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


The humblest of vegetables yet so versatile, potatoes are a staple in everyday cooking. BCfresh meticulously selects potato varieties for their size, flavour and textures.   

Availability: BCfresh local yellow, red and fingerling potatoes are usually available mid July until June.

Recipe to Try: Gruyère cheese stacked potatoes

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Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


BCfresh grows carefully selected carrot varieties to ensure they meet the highest standards of flavour and vibrant colour. 

Availability: BCfresh local carrots are usually available early July until December.

Recipe to Try: Sumac-roasted carrot dip

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Kennebec Potato fries deep fried

Sweet Corn

BCfresh bicolour sweet corn is harvested at peak sugar content, ensuring a naturally mild and sweet taste. 

Availability: BCfresh local sweet corn is usually available mid July until October.

Recipe to Try: Grilled corn on the cob with smoky lime butter

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Kennebec Potato fries deep fried

Green Beans

BCfresh green beans are typically hand-picked to ensure freshness and protect them from damage. Extra care is also taken to force-air cool the beans immediately after harvest. 

Availability: BCfresh local green beans are usually available early July until October.

Recipe to Try: Blistered green beans

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Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


BCfresh local cauliflower is known for its robust quality, featuring dense, creamy-white heads and compact florets. 

Availability: BCfresh local cauliflower is usually available early July until October.

Recipe to Try: Cauliflower steaks with capers and caramelized lemon.

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Kennebec Potato fries deep fried

Green Onions

Locally grown green onions are nurtured in nutrient-rich soil, meticulously hand-harvested and expertly packed to preserve their freshness.  

Availability: BCfresh local green onions are usually available early July until August.

Recipe to Try:  Veggie burger with green onions

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Also in season

Spring and early summer’s bounty continues to flourish, offering an abundance of locally grown vegetables.
Discover what’s still in season and savour the freshness this July!

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