BC Potato & Vegetable Growers Association

The purpose of the ‘Association’ is to promote the interests of the potato & vegetable growers of BC, including the following:

  • obtaining, correlating and publishing of information relevant to growers;
  • promoting and funding research, public relations, education, advertising and other activities to enhance the development of the potato and vegetable growing industry (Note: a majority of these activities are carried out through the Potato Industry Development Fund);
  • representing the interests of potato and vegetable growers in dealing with governments, business, consumers and others.

Leisa Yee – BC Potato & Vegetable Association
PO Box 18565
Delta, BC V4K4V7
Tel: 604 940 2024
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BC Produce Marketing Association

The membership includes retailers, wholesalers, foodservice distributors, brokers, growers, importers, transporters, packaging, refrigeration and other suppliers. The primary objective is to raise awareness of the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. BCfresh works with the Canadian Produce Marketing Association to raise awareness of the Mix it Up! campaign in BC.


President: David Cheung, The Oppenheimer Group
Secretary/Treasurer: Margie Schurko
Tel: 604-944-0179
Fax: 604-944-0535
Cell: 604-785-0765

BC Vegetable Marketing Commission


Andre Solymosi, General Manager
#207–15252 32nd Ave
Surrey, BC, V3S 0R7
Tel: 604-542-9734
Fax 604-542-9735

Canadian Horticultural Council

Canadian Horticultural Council 2200
Prince of Wales Drive
Suite 102 Ottawa, ON K2E 6Z9
Tel: 613-226-4880
Fax: 613-226-4497

Canadian Produce Marketing Association

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) is a not-for-profit organization that represents companies that are active in the marketing of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in Canada from the farm gate to the dinner plate.

CPMA’s vision is to enable and lead the produce industry by enhancing the market and facilitating trade of fresh fruits and vegetables for its members.


162 Cleopatra Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 5X2
Tel: 613-226-4187
Fax: 613-226-2984
For general questions about CPMA, contact us at

Delta Chamber of Commerce

Since 1910, the Delta Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of business in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.


6201-60th Avenue
Delta, BC V4K 4E2
Tel: 604-946-4232
Fax: 604-946-5285

Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust

Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust was established in 1993 by a group of local farmers and conservationists with an interest in conserving agricultural and wildlife resources in Delta, British Columbia. Today, Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization that promotes the preservation of over 1500 hectares of farmland and wildlife habitat on the lower Fraser River delta through co-operative land stewardship with local farmers.

The Trust’s Stewardship Programs integrate research, education, and financial incentives to promote the sustainable use of agricultural land within the lower Fraser River delta by bringing conservationists and farmers together as “Partners in Stewardship.” These programs provide farmers with cost-share funding to establish wildlife habitat and/or invest in long term soil fertility on their farms.

By providing solutions to farmers that are compatible with their crop rotations, Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust’s Stewardship Programs contribute to the long-term viability of local farming operations. This ensures that land will continue to be available for food production and wildlife conservation well into the future.


205- 4882 Delta Street
Delta, BC V4K 2T8
Tel: 604-940-3392
Fax: 604-946-7820


Delta Farmers’ Institute
The purpose of the ‘Institute’ includes the following:

  • to promote and enhance the agricultural industry in the community of Delta;
  • to actively lobby and liaise with members of the Ministry of Agriculture (Federal and Provincial) and the Municipality of Delta;
  • To actively improve or better relationships between the agricultural industry and the agricultural community in Delta, and the Ministry of Agriculture (Federal and Provincial) and the Municipality of Delta;
  • To collectively work in unison and agreement to address the issues, concerns and policies of the agricultural industry and community on the Municipality of Delta.

PO Box 18565
Delta, BC V4K4V7 | View on Google Maps
Leisa Yee Email:

Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation

Tel: 613-234-0982
Fax: 613-234-8036
DRC is located at
Building 75, Central Experimental Farm
960 Carling Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6 Canada


About the DRC

The Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC) is a non-profit, membership-based organization serving the produce trade. DRC provides harmonized standards, procedures and services to our members to help them avoid commercial disputes. When differences of opinion occur, we provide consultation, mediation and arbitration services to resolve the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner.

DRC strives to educate members as to best practices in order to avoid disputes in the first place. The DRC dispute resolution model is designed to reduce risk and facilitate trade between members. DRC, when necessary, provides members with fast, fair and enforceable solutions to disputes arising in the course of member-to-member transactions.

DRC Jurisdiction

DRC deals with all types of disputes including condition, contract and payment issues. DRC can help with disputes that arise between members domestically or internationally.

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BCfresh and our grower partners can confirm that onions packaged as Bestfresh Chefs Reserve 10lb Onions are not included in the recall as they are NOT SOURCED from Thomson International (Bakersfield, California).

Our Bestfresh 10lb Onion packaging is a black mesh bag with gold label with UPC 7-75058-50108-2 – they are Washington onions sourced from completely different grower/packer and are safe to consume. 

If you have lingering concerns regarding the safety of Bestfresh Chef’s Reserve 10lb onions, we recommend you dispose of the product or return to Costco for a full refund.

For more information regarding the recall please visit CFIA at