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The BCfresh grower families are proud to share our exclusive line of premium potatoes. Look for the Pacific logo at your local grocery stores and produce sections across BC and Western Canada.


Taste of “Potato Day”

Our Pacific line is meticulously curated from the esteemed annual BC Potato Variety Trial Field Day, which we simple call “Potato Day”. Our dedicated grower families are committed to enhancing their harvests and delivering top-quality produce to you, beginning with the careful selection of potato varieties.

Since its inception in 2004, this annual event has served as a focal point for growers across BC, facilitating the evaluation of new potato varieties for their agronomic and culinary attributes, specifically tailored to thrive in BC’s unique conditions. Promising varieties identified during the trial undergo rigorous testing in expanded field trials, storage evaluations, and test kitchens to ensure superior quality and taste.

From the 70+ varieties trialed annually, we select only the best to be part of our Pacific line ensuring the finest potatoes make their way to your kitchen.

white potatoes
Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


A unique potato with a smooth, bright, thin skin and a hearty potato flavor, this golden-skinned, golden-fleshed potato is a member of our exclusive Pacific potato family! This potato delivers a beautiful appearance with a fantastic buttery flavour, sure to please everyone’s inner-gourmet!

Pacific Sunrise offers the ease of no peeling, just a light rinse before cooking is all that’s required. Please enjoy this versatile potato roasted, grilled, mashed, fried, baked and added to salads.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


The word Scarlet is derived from the Old French word “escarlate” denoting a seller of expensive, rich, and brilliantly colored cloth (not necessarily red!).

Pacific Scarlette™ is a premium red potato with bright white flesh making these tasty spuds ideal for roasting. As they also stay firm after boiling, try them the next time you are creating your perfect potato salad.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


Pacific Pearl™ is a premium white potato. After many years of testing and development in both Europe and Canada, our growers agree this is the best white potato in over 30 years!

No need to peel, just a light wash is all that’s needed before cooking. Pacific Pearl is ideal for steaming, mashing or gently sautéing, and be careful to not overcook this tender spud.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


Pacific Fingerling potatoes – unique name, fun shape and bold flavour.

Ditch the peeler, Pacific Fingerlings don’t need to be peeled, just a light rinse before cooking is all that’s required.  Enjoy this versatile potato roasted, grilled, smashed, or added to salads.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


BCfresh Russet Potatoes are the perfect choice for your favourite potato dishes. Grown in the fertile soil of British Columbia, their russeted skin and creamy interior make them a beautiful addition to any meal.

These potatoes have a classic, earthy flavour and a fluffy texture that makes them ideal for baking, mashing, and frying. Try BCfresh Russet Potatoes today and discover why they’re a staple in kitchens across the country.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried


The Warba New Nugget Potato is a delightful treat that requires minimal preparation, thanks to its tender skin and delicate flavour. Harvested early, before the skin has
fully set, these potatoes boast not only a creamy texture but also a charming pinkish hue around their eyes.

Simply give them a light rinse under cold running water—no peeling necessary. Whether steamed, gently boiled, or sautéed, Warba potatoes shine in various culinary endeavours. They’re perfect for salads or as skewers on the barbecue. However you choose to savour them, these popular nuggets of freshness are only available for a limited time.

Welcoming Warba Season

Look for our premium Pacific potatoes at your local grocer!