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Farmer’s Keepers may look less than perfect, but they’re perfectly delicious. These vegetables come in a variety of irregular shapes and sizes with minor blemishes and imperfections. Other than that they’re just as delicious as our BCfresh brand produce. Available periodically throughout the year, Farmer’s Keepers have all the flavour, at a fraction of the price.


Farmer’s Special Reserve

Once kept by the farmers to serve at home to their own families, Farmer’s Keepers now extends beyond the farmstead. Even though they’re classified as No. 2 grade, Farmer’s Keepers proudly display their uniqueness offering budget-conscious foodies the chance to enjoy these rustic delights. From quirky shapes to minor imperfections, each tells a story of its journey from the earth to your plate.

So, the next time you’re perusing the produce aisle, don’t overlook the imperfect charm of Farmer’s Keepers. Embrace their quirks, savor their flavour, and join the growing ranks of those who appreciate the simple beauty of nature’s imperfect perfection. With the simple stroke of a peeler, any minor imperfections vanish, leaving behind nothing but pure hardy goodness.

white potatoes
Kennebec Potato fries deep fried

Farmer's Keepers Yellow

Farmer’s Keepers yellow potatoes are just as versatile and delicious as any other. Grown in the fertile soil of British Columbia, these potatoes are naturally buttery and tender. Whether you’re roasting them for a weeknight dinner or mashing them for a holiday feast, these potatoes are the imperfect perfect choice for any occasion.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried

Farmer's Keepers Orange

Farmer’s Keepers orange bag is the original farmer’s reserve which featured the remnants of the harvest. Keeping with the tradition, the bag still showcases a varied selection of potatoes with russets often taking center stage. Their classic, earthy flavour and a fluffy texture make them ideal for baking, mashing, and frying. Even though they may not win any beauty contests, their russeted skin and creamy interior make them a beautiful addition to any meal.



Kennebec Potato fries deep fried

Farmer's Keepers Red

Farmer’s Keepers red potatoes are a classic and hearty addition to any meal. They have a naturally creamy texture and a delicious, earthy flavor. Whether you’re boiling them for a quick side dish or using them in a hearty stew, Farmer’s Keepers red potatoes are a versatile ingredient that can bring a touch of rustic elegance to every dish.

Kennebec Potato fries deep fried

Farmer's Keepers Carrots

Don’t let appearances deceive you—While they may not boast the flawless looks of their counterparts, their flavour speaks volumes. Once you prepare any of your favourite recipes for your family, you’ll taste for yourself why these humble carrots are on par with any other. In fact, with the savings you’ll pocket, you might just find they taste even sweeter.

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