About BCfresh

BCfresh is the premier provider of locally-grown vegetables found on plates across Western Canada and the United States. As a 100% grower-owned and operated company, our focus is delivering fresh produce to you. From 60+ family farms throughout the Fraser Valley, select BC regions and premier growing areas across North America, BCfresh is a year-round supplier of the very best fresh veggies.
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History of the Fraser Valley

  • The Stol:lo people were the first to fish, hunt and log in the Fraser Valley. They still do.
  • Simon Fraser was the first European to explore the Fraser Valley in 1808, thus the name of the valley.
  • The Hudson’s Bay Company had established a fur trading post at Fort Langley by 1827 and established the first farm nearby to provide food for their employees. This was the first major agricultural center in British Columbia.
  • Image courtesy Chilliwack archives.
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History of South Delta

  • Coast Salish First Nations inhabited the Delta flatlands and coastal shores.
  • In 1868, a Spanish explorer mistook the land for an island.
  • Thomas and William Ladner were the first Europeans to settle and farm the area in 1868 (they had travelled from Cornwall, UK to pursue the California gold rush).
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BCfresh History

  • In 1992, growers established the Lower Mainland Vegetable Distributors Inc. to ensure the coordinated marketing of root crop vegetables produced in BC’s Fraser Valley.
  • In 2008, growers changed the name to BCfresh.
  • Today, BCfresh vegetables are grown on more than 60 family farms, some of which are five- generation farms.
  • Recognized as leaders in progressive farming, harvesting, grading and packing techniques.
  • BCfresh represents unparalleled produce freshness and incomparable distribution service.
  • Together, BCfresh and their growers combine for over 95,000 tons of root and other field vegetable crops annually.
  • Retail value of BCfresh potato and vegetable crops of more than $250 million annually.

Our Brands

BCfresh delivers many different brands to your favourite retailer or grocery store. No matter what the brand, you can trust the quality and safety of the produce inside as all products meet the same stringent requirements.
Also look for our BCfresh Kwik-Lok closure on select retailer packaging.

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Nutritional Information

Click here to download our 2023 BCfresh Nutrition Guide (PDF 165 kb)