10 Reasons to Eat Local Vegetables

  • Healthier – You choose: cold storage for days or weeks and on average 1,500-mile journey or picked within a few days of delivery to local supermarkets? Fresher veggies are picked at the height of ripeness to ensure they have the maximum nutrients intended by Mother Nature.
  • Tastier – Remember eating a carrot freshly pulled from the family garden?
  • More for Local Economy – Buying local produce ensures that profits remain in BC; thus providing jobs for thousands of local families.
  • Longer Time to Ripen – Local produce is handled less so we try to select tastier varieties that don’t need to be “rugged” or stand up to the stress of shipping.
  • Know your Grower – Knowing the story about where your food comes from makes the meal more appreciated. (BCfresh tells a farmer’s story on bags of potatoes.)
  • More Variety – Local farmers often grow crops that are not “brand name”, for example, not all beets are red. BCfresh also grows golden beets and candy cane beets.
  • Supports Responsible Land Development – Give farmers an economic reason to stay in business and have their farmland remain undeveloped.
  • Food Safety – The fewer steps between the farm and your table, the less chance there is for contamination. You know where your vegetables were grown.
  • Reconnect – Understand where your vegetables come from and you develop an understanding of dependence on each other and the earth.
  • Eat the 100-Mile Diet – The year-long local food experiment of Vancouverites Alisa Smith and J.B MacKinnon has undergone a new definition: all protein and produce must come from within 100 miles.

5 Reasons to Eat In-Season Vegetables

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – The miles travelled creates environmental damage that outweighs the benefit of buying local. Reduce the energy needed to transport.
  • Keep in Touch with the Nature’s Cycle – Nature’s cycle of produce is designed to support our health. Eat vegetables at their peak taste and when they are abundant.
  • Support the Local Economy – Buy locally grown vegetables and you contribute to sustainable agriculture.
  • Invest in the Future of BC – BCfresh helps support over 6,000 families who work on farms or in the agri-business community.
  • Get Creative – Take the opportunity to try new recipes such as Braised Asian-Flavoured Kabocha Squash.

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BCfresh and our grower partners can confirm that onions packaged as Bestfresh Chefs Reserve 10lb Onions are not included in the recall as they are NOT SOURCED from Thomson International (Bakersfield, California).

Our Bestfresh 10lb Onion packaging is a black mesh bag with gold label with UPC 7-75058-50108-2 – they are Washington onions sourced from completely different grower/packer and are safe to consume. 

If you have lingering concerns regarding the safety of Bestfresh Chef’s Reserve 10lb onions, we recommend you dispose of the product or return to Costco for a full refund.

For more information regarding the recall please visit CFIA at